Sunday, 28 October 2007

Weston Beach Race

This years' Weston Beach Race was a great event held in perfect weather conditions. The Saturday race featured 500 quads and sidecars, and myself and my team-mate Andy Ellis shared a Yamaha 660 raptor to compete in the Quad class. Andy did the first hour-and-a-half stint before I took over for the last half of the race. Knocking noises from the axle told me all was not well, and sure enought the axle bearings were breaking up. Luckily everything held together and the chain finally snapped just as I crossed the finishing line in 157th place!
The Sunday race for solo MX bikes (pictured) featured 1,400 starters for the biggest line-up ever seen at Weston. The start is always chaotic and after getting seriously stuck in a dune last year, I took the decision to hold back at the start and (hopefully) miss the worst of the traffic jams. This was working well until my fuel stop dead-on halfway through the race. The fuel cap got cross-threaded in the pitstop, and the next few laps were spent having petrol splashed onto my err.. most tender parts! I carried on though, and by the finish had moved up from last, or 1,400th, to 321st.
A great weekend, 2 good results, no injuries, and back to work on the Monday in one piece!