Sunday, 25 May 2008

Indy 500 Helmet

Here are some pictures of Dan Wheldons' helmet for the 2008 Indy 500. The design features the race logo, "pagoda" race control building, the finishing line bricks, and a splash of the bottle of milk given to each race winner.
Dan was running strongly at the front early in the race, but handling problems dropped him to 12th at the end.

Monaco helmet

Here are some pictures of Lewis's helmet for the Monaco Grand Prix showing it before and after Steinmetz applied their logo and Lewis's signature in Diamonds.
Monaco was a great race for Lewis as he got his world title hopes back on track with a convincing win.
A very small number of replicas of this helmet may be made available for sale. Details will be on the McLaren site soon.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


A lot has been happening here over the last few months (hence the lack of blog entries...!). As well as being busier than ever with the paintwork, we have become the UK distributor for Cara Coat visors (see details on the Shop page). These are the original coated visors, and the choice of top drivers.
We should hopefully have some news soon on the availability of genuine signed Lewis Hamilton helmet replicas. There have been a lot of fake replicas for sale on places such as Ebay so this will give collectors the chance to buy the real thing. Lewis has not signed any helmets so please don't be fooled by sellers offering helmets with signatures or "certificates of authenticity".

Paintwork to Lola bodywork

Classic Lola racer David Edwards has had several helmets painted with a US/chequer flag design, and recently asked us to replicate the flag onto his car.

The car was painted in a deep pearl blue, and then I spent several evenings at Scott Racings' workshop laying out and painting the flags. Our work schedule was full with helmet work, so it meant burning the midnight oil for a few nights to fit this project in!
The flags took quite a while to complete as we rarely paint anything this big, but they fitted well onto the huge front bodywork and will be sure to grab the attention when the car is used in a parade for Lola's birthday celebrations, before the car takes to the track once more later this year.