Thursday, 15 January 2009

Lewis presentation helmet.

We recently painted a special helmet to celebrate Lewis's F1 championship and I took it down to the McLaren headquarters to present it to him.

The design features one half painted in his 2008 design, and the other painted in the first design his father painted when he started karting. The two halfs were seperated by a gold laurel wreath.

The front was sculpted to look like the old GP4 helmet on the "old" side, with three new vents cut out. We'll have some detailed pictures on the galleries soon.

While I was there Lewis signed an airbrush mural I painted last year which can be seen on the table in one of the shots. The painting was airbrushed onto a sheet of carbon fibre.

It was great to catch up with Lewis and talk about his year, and wish him the best of luck for 2009. I asked him not to leave it till the last lap this time, though - my heart rate couldn't take that again!